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The INESPO (International Environment & Sustainability Project Olympiad) is an international olympiad that was first organized nationally on May 16, 2009. Since 2010, the olympiad has extended to an international level with over 40 different countries participating every year. In 2014, the 6th INESPO event will be held at a national level on April 12 and for international participants (and the winners of the national round) from June 1 – 6 (dates may be subject to change).


INESPO is intended for students between 13 and 18 years from secondary/high schools and vmbo-, havo- and vwo-schools in the Netherlands. By organizing INESPO, the Cosmicus Foundation, IVN, DuurzaamDoor, NPOINT and the GLOBE Program want to bring attention to environmental problems in schools across the Netherlands. Their goal is to involve students in this important matter and bring communal consensus on social environmental values and to eventually eliminate the environmental problems through education.


All projects that meet the listed requirements can participate in the olympiad. However, the national event may have a preliminary elimination round due to the large amount of registrations. The full criteria established by the workgroup can be found under Coordination regulations.


To keep the olympiad interesting and not limit the students and teachers to one specific topic, INESPO chooses to define the project in broad terms. Therefore, the participants can work freely within the following five categories:


Environment &
– Chemistry
– Physics
– Biology
– Geography
– Social/Civics


A project olympiad means that students first elaborate their innovative ideas and solutions on paper which is then followed by the creation of a concept.This concept can take the form of a miniature design or a collage. During the event on the olympiad exposition days on April 12 (national) and June 2 and 3 (international), the participants must be able to explain, defend and represent their project both in theory and in practice. If necessary, participants can request audiovisual support. The written and spoken language during the international round is English. The organization does not provide translators.


The registration fee ₹55000.00 (for Indian candidate) which covers the period from 29th May 2016 to 3rd June 2016 and includes:
• Shuttle from and to the airport*
• Breakfast, lunch and dinner**,
• 5 days accommodation***,
• Local travel, stands and 1 day excursion (Wednesday)****.


For more details, please contact us at chairman@milsetindia.com