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Dear friends:

As you know, one of the most important events that MILSET organises is Expo-Sciences International (ESI), which had its first edition in 1987 in Québec, Canada, which aimed to promote ”the practice of leisure time scientific and technical activities and contribute to the development of a universally accessible scientific and technical culture among young people“(MILSET News, September 1989). As this philosophy began to spread and more people became interested, various MILSET Regional Offices were established around the world. Some of them replicated the ESI model leading to the creation of MILSET Regional Expo-Sciences.


As the season for MILSET Regional Expo-Sciences approaches, it is important to recall and highlight the objectives of these events, which reflect MILSET ’s mission and objectives. These objectives have been refreshed recently as part of the MILSET strategic plan and to better align with current global needs.


Similar to ESI, Regional Expo-Sciences are non-competitive events where young people are engaged in science, technology, engineering, mathematics, and the arts (STEAM) through motivation, cooperation, collaboration, networking, and sociocultural interchange. To achieve this, MILSET regional offices organise an event where youth can exhibit their projects, make scientific visits, do leisure activities, and attend workshops and conferences.


MILSET member organisations from the region select Regional Expo-Sciences participants –the best projects in their countries that have been accredited at a national science fair or other authorized event.


Every year, it is an honour for MILSET to welcome promising youths who have been selected for this amazing experience where they can interact with peers from different parts of the region and the world.


We look forward to meeting you at MILSET Regional Expo-Sciences in Mazatlán, Mexico; Toulouse, France; and Muscat, Oman.


                                                                                                                                                                 Roberto Hidalgo

                                                                                                                                                                 MILSET President





Expo-Sciences MILSET regional Expo-Sciences
Every even year, MILSET regional platform are organising their expo-sciences welcoming the best projects of their region.

MILSET Expo-Sciences Asia 2016
MILSET Expo-Sciences Europe 2016
MILSET Expo-Sciences Latin America 2016
MILSET Science Photo Contest 2014 MILSET Science Photo Contest 2016
Taking a camera, shooting a picture is an easy deal. What about going further? What about using the pictures to discover science?

The 2016 edition of the world greatest Science Photo Contest is now open!

Enjoy the amazing winner pictures of last edition
YCC on Energy Young Citizens Conferences on Energy
During one year, you are invited to join the YCC and set conferences. This year's topic is "Energy"

Browse the site for more information
JOSE MILSET Journal on Science Engagement

Browse the site for more information

MILSET Executive Committee is working hard, having several online meetings before gathering next June in Mexico.

The Algerian delegation, led by MILSET Africa General Secretary, organised a visit to Prague in the Czech Republic resulting into a cooperation agreement signed between the National Algerian Association for Small Debrouillards (Member of MILSET) and the Czech Republic Association for Small Debrouillards.

MILSET Asia organised the finals for the 10th Kuwait School Robot Competition and celebrated one more anniversary of this amazing competition.

The 4th Arab Robotics Congress 2016 was held in Quatar on February in collaboration with MILSET Asia office.

The Yemen 1st Competition in Industrial Applications organised by Talented Youth Academy in cooperation with Milset Asia office will be held in Yemen on April.

MILSET Europe celebrated the European Science Day for Youth on March 17.

As part of MILSET Vostok Science Tourism Programme a group of Russian students  from Moscow State University of Education and Moscow Vernadsky Lyceum spent nearly 3 weeks in the native village of Huichols people in Nayarit, Mexico, investigating their culture and tradition.

MILSET AMLAT Executive Committee meeting will be held next June at ESI AMLAT 2016.

MILSET AMLAT General Assembly will be held next June at ESI AMLAT 2016.

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Expo-Sciences Asia Pacific Conference of Young Scientists 2016
13/07/2016 - 17/07/2016
By: director@fgsi.co.in
Expo-Sciences Young Citizens Conferences on Energy
Expo-Sciences MILSET Science Photo Contest 2016
01/02-01/07, Online
Expo-Sciences Science Cup - ROJKO 2016
01/01-06/06, Czech Republic
By: Asociace malých debrujárů
Expo-Sciences D3Mobile Metrology World League
03/02-30/12, online
By: University of Santiago de Compostela
Expo-Sciences Google Science Fair 2016
10/02-10/05, Online
Expo-Sciences 1st Yemeni Competition in Industrial Studies 2016
01/04-30/04, Yemen
By: Youth Talented Academy in Yemen/ Milset Asia Office
Expo-Sciences 16th Students Session at the annual Spring Conference of the Union of Bulgarian Mathematicians
06/04-10/04, Pleven, Bulgaria
By: High School Students Institute of Mathematics and Informatics
Expo-Sciences 16th Students Doğanata Education Science Energy Engineering Fair
10/04-16/04, Izmir, Turkey
By: Izmir University and Doanatğa Education and Culture
Expo-Sciences Local Expo Science
17/04-19/04, Tehran, Iran
By: Shohadaye Karegar Educational Complex
Expo-Sciences Wetenschaps EXPOsciences 2016
29/04-30/04, Brussels, Belgium
By: JSB, Expertisecentrum Wetenschapscommunicatie Brussel
Expo-Sciences Golden Climate International Enviromental Project Olympiad
30/04-02/05, Nairobi, Kenya
By: Light Academy Schools
Expo-Sciences MILSET Brazil National Expo
17/05-20/05, Fortaleza, Brazil
By: Movimento pela Ciência e Aprendizagem Brasil
Expo-Sciences INSPO 2016
18/05-22/05, Istanbul, Turkey
Expo-Sciences INFOMATRIX 2016
26/05-30/05, Bucharest, Romania
By: Lumina SA Foundation
Expo-Sciences ESI AMLAT 2016
30/05-03/06, Mazatlan, Mexico
Expo-Sciences MILSET AMLAT Ejecutive Committee meeting
31/05, Mazatlan, Mexico
Expo-Sciences MILSET AMLAT General Assembly
01/06, Mazatlan, Mexico
Expo-Sciences ESI AMLAT 2016
30/05-03/06, Mazatlan, Mexico
Expo-Sciences MILSET Expo-Sciences Europe 2016
09/07-15/07, Toulouse, France
Expo-Sciences Young Citizens Conferences on Energy
December, Oman