MILSET India Science Photo Contest (MI SPC)



“Capturing Science Opening Minds”
Observing bird’s beaks led Darwin to discover evolution…
How about showcasing your science discoveries through the camera lens?
Transform your camera into a tool for capturing science



From scintillating dewdrops to mirage effects, from bird feathers to blossoming flowers, science is present everywhere, the world is full of amazing scientific phenomena.


MILSET India and NCSTC-Network have joined hands together to bring you an opportunity to capture day to day science and showcase it to the world.


When Art meets Science

The MILSET India Science Photo Contest (SPC) aims at creating a leeway for youth to creatively capture in pictures what science they observe within the nature.




• Discover science in a new perspective

• Merge scientific observations and artistic expressions

• Promote youths' interest in science

• Enhancing youths’ global exposure

• Create a strong vision and enhance observation skills


So, take up your camera and get creative!




• Weather and Climate

• Scientific Phenomena

• Aeronautic and Space

• Flora and fauna

• Geography and Geology



1st prize - Rs. 10,000/- and a certificate
2nd prize – Rs. 5,000/-
3rd prize – Two awards of Rs. 2000/- each


Registration fees (As fixed by NCSTC – Network)


Last date of Application (As fixed by NCSTC – Network as to the date of National Fair of NCSC 2014)


All results capitulated by NCSTC-Network shall be filed online by MILSET India to MILSET Worldwide Science Photo Contest 2015.


Kindly insure that photo entries along with its description is sent by email to and the hardcopy to NCSTC- Network Links


Photograph specifics to be filed for MILSET Science Photo Contest - 2015
The Photograph needs to be a Soft Copy Format (as clipped by Digital Camera or smart phone with below mentioned minimum photo resolution and the other specifics mentioned below)

• Black and white or Colour Photograph (It should not be a clip from a Video shooting)
• Minimum photo resolution: 1600*1200 pixels
• Maximum file size: 4Mb
• File format: png, jpeg, pdf, psd, eps, ps, pcd
• Non modified
• With a title and a description of photograph in between 50-150 words.


Hard Copy Format (as specified by NCSTC- Network Management Committee)




All images must be original and must belong to the participant. Under no circumstance MILSET India or NCSTC Network shall take any responsibility or be a part of any legal proceedings in case of copyright violation. There has to be a submission of letter of Declaration by the participant and his/her Guardian who shall be specifying that the Photograph submitted for Evaluation is authentic to best of his/her knowledge and he/she is completely owning the submitted photograph in all forms. Any dispute arisen and filed by any third party shall be resolved by him/her and in under no circumstances MILSET India, MILSET Worldwide or NCSTC-Network shall resolve the issue and has no financial obligation related to same in any format


Participants younger than 18 years may participate only with approval of their guardian or legal tutor (accompanied by certificate from parents/school regarding its originality).


Submitted contest entries remain property of the photographer. The author grants MILSET and MILSET members and partners the right of free usage of the image for promotional and other non-profit usage guaranteeing appropriate credit to the photographer.


The photographer declares having the permission of all persons appearing on the image submitted.



The qualifying and winning photographs may be sent to The MILSET Science Photo Contest held worldwide. Personal data posted upon submission will not be passed to 3rd parties and will only be processed by MILSET India and NCSTC-Network for statistical purposes. The photographer agrees that MILSET uses his/her name in contest-related public communication.


Awards winning pictures, 2014


Gold Award

Zhaark strydom, South Africa


Katerina Sevcikova, Czech Republic


Alit Susanta Wirya, Indonesia, Fauna


For any further queries or information please send us an email at or contact us on- +91-9819332133 & 8744041510.